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My current laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-257. I want to sell it when I get my new Inspiron but it's had an annoying problem for a while which would put off potential buyers.

The internal webcam disconnects and reconnects when the screen is tilted, resulting in the sound being played by Windows and pop-ups about hardware connecting. It tells me that it's an internal USB connection, is there anyway I could disable the "port" completely so that it will simply not be able to detect the webcam connecting. Since I think having no webcam at all will be less of a problem than what it's like now.
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  1. Hello gheed;

    That 'internal USB connection' might be a problem since if you shut down the USB bus you're going to be shutting down more than just the webcam, I do believe.

    Can you disable (right mouse click, Disable) just the webcam through Device Manager?
    You'd want to leave a note for the new owner how to do that, incase of OS re-install, etc. (look under Sound, video and game controllers).
  2. I've already tried disabling the device and uninstalling drivers. But when it disconnects and then reconnects, it's still detected.
  3. That almost sounds like a mechanical problem then - physical disconnection from the USB bus.
  4. Okay I have some sort of solution to the annoying side of it. I went through all the USB controllers to find out which one the webcam was connected to and disabled it. The pop-up stopped but the "failed to connect" sound played when I moved the screen, so I disabled this sound on the control panel.

    I guess it's a way to hide the problem.
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