How to connect ethernet cable from modem/router to belkin n600


I have att dsl modem/wireless router in one room.
From one of the ethernet port of the att router, I connected Belkin n600 db to modem port, hard wired. I can see on my lap top internet connection, my router name and strong signals but can't connect to lap top or DVD olayer. Message - window was unable ti cinnect belkin.259. Why I am not asked to enter sid or password? On DVD I go thru wireless set up use the password on the belkin lable and still can't get connected. FYI. I have used this Belikin router as wireless router before I got ATT modem/router with my service. BTW. Hard wired connection on DVD works. So, cable and connections are good. Did reset on the belkin router several time but no help. Not using 5.9GHZ router, just fyi.

Pls. advise.
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  1. First rightclick the network icon by your clock and click troubleshoot problems, if that doesnt help try what I posted below.

    Type http://router into your browsers address bar, then at the bottom left after entering your routers internal password click "restore factory defaults" and try your wireless connection again. If that does not work, update your routers firmware using the tool provided in the router setup.

  2. if this router have wireles settings see if the mac address of the part you want ot connect are on the permit list .
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