P4 or XP?

ok i' ve narrowed my motherboard and CPU down to one of these two selections. either the P4 gig, <A HREF="http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?sku=MBM-2266-1600 " target="_new">http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?sku=MBM-2266-1600 </A>, or the AMD gig, <A HREF="http://www.partspc.com/store/product980.html " target="_new">http://www.partspc.com/store/product980.html </A>. im going to be using the machine for playing intense games like quake 3 and max payne, and also for playing DVDs. i dont plan on overclocking. which one of the above combos should i go with?
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  1. I would recommend the amd processor. With that motherboard you will have more upgrade options than the P4. The processor is faster too. In my opinion a P4 isn't worth the money unless you use rdram.
  2. go with the AXP 2000+....it will kill the P4 1.6A at stocks speeds...not only that...the P4 motherboard only has ddr266 ram (on that cpu/motherboard combo)...which only decreases the P4's performance...
    i would just get the AXP if i were you...

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  3. >im going to be using the machine for playing intense
    >games like quake 3 and max payne

    Get a good videocard then. Do you know both Quake3 and Max Payne run perfectly well on a 1 Ghz P3/athlon ? Hell, even my brothers old P3-600 runs both games *very* adequately when coupled with a simple Geforce2 Pro. Unless you can distinguish 100 fps from 250 (which you cant, cause your monitor cant handle it anyway)..

    >and also for playing DVDs

    That sure doesnt require a killer machine. A P2-300 would do I think. My friend even uses his Celeron 500 laptop for playing DivX movies. Works like a charm.

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  4. The AMD is definitely the better system for you. I do hope that you do not live in CA or are planning on picking up the combo it's a waste to pay freight and tax...

    Also, there is about a $40 premium on buying the CPU and the MB together, rather then from two different places. Check it out over at price watch.

    Are you going to go with raid 1 or 0+1?
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