Trouble hooking tv and desk monitor together

Hello, I have tried to get Toshiba 32 tv hooked and running with asus Vh222 monitor. The tv is HDMI fed and the monitor is DVI fed. The Cat. sofware will detect the monitor as no 1, but when I plug the tv HDMI in the montor goes blank and then only the desktop picture comes up, icons have gone. The tv has all the icons and cursor on it and can be run from the desktop mouse and keyboard. The tv will be listed as 1 and the montor is listed as 2. I can't get the icons back on the montior as long as the HDMI cable is plugged in to the montherboard. I have put a 6670 into the computer and the same thing happens. I would appreciate any suggestions???
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  1. You need to set the monitor as primary instead of the TV. Or set it to clone your desktop instead of extend it if that's what you want

    Should be under "desktop management"
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