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Hi all. I use Windows 7 on my work computer and have links to everything important on my desktop. Any time I hit "Save As", I no doubt want to navigate to my Desktop, then go to the appropriate folder. I came over from XP recently. In XP, all I had to do was his Shift+Tab twice, which got me over to the left panel, then Desktop was the second (third?) icon down. In Win7, it takes Shift+Tabbing 5 times and it seems the Desktop link seems to be further away in the left panel.

Is there any way to, from the "Save As" screen, instantly get to the Desktop? Sounds like a minor annoyance at best, but when you do it 100x times a day, the extra steps are a real bother. Also, as a note, I often want to save a given document in a folder near it's current location, so I don't necessarily want "Save As" to default to the Desktop no matter what, I'd rather be able to get there more efficiently once in "Save As".

Thanks for the advice!
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  1. You don't have a "Desktop" favorite in the Save As menu to the left? My fresh Win7 install has this by default. You may need to hit the Browse folders arrow.

    Can you put a screen shot of what your Save As window looks like?
  2. ... Click it? you can change the default save locating but you can't change the file structure. Or just put a shortcut on your desktop to where you save. Better than a desktop full of junk
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