is anyone out there having a dual AMD MP config?!

Does anyone out there with an dual AMD MP configuration experience sound problems (probably because of the data transmission through the bus)?!
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  1. I dont have one, but a friend of mine runs dual Athlon XPs. Uses it for video editing and CAD stuff, but he is also a feverish gamer. Never heard of any issues, other than a dead harddisk. What soundcard are you using ? Is it a crackling thing ? What OS ?

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  2. I tried both my Creatuve Audigy Platinum and the onboard sound chip. The same... I also tried with one processor.
    I was having Win2K but some "latest" drives from AMD [-peep-] up my Win2K installation. I have WinXP now and I'll soon install Linux and see what happends...

  3. I have and I don't. My dual 1700+ sounds sweet as with the Audigy installed...

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  4. Which motherboard?
  5. Buddy of mine spent $3k on a new system a few months ago...and damn near destroyed the thing putting it together. He won't let me take it and fix it for him, as he says "F works most the time, I don't care." (most being about 70%)

    Wish I had enough dough to think that about a 3grand purchase. But, anyway, he's running dual 1.2MP's, and it crashes all the freakin time. I asked him what board he used (as I don't remember, even though I did see the box it came in before he lost that), but he don't know...but his PC gets so bad, he has to leave it off for some time before it will even reboot at times. He has no grease on the cpu's, and didn't like my suggestion of adding some. And the fact that I stopped him in the middle of taking a jig-saw to his case with the MoBo installed may be one of the culprits as well. And he broke some pins off one of his HD taking the ribbons on and off...good thing he's an operator/programmer and not a tech/builder!

    But his dual setup is all screwed up...but I think he's done a number on the MoBo...

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  6. That was fun.
    Trust me, except the sound thing, everthing else works fine. And I did put some silver grease on the CPU din :D.
    However, it might be the AMD chipset or the motherboard or just me ;).

  7. Sorry - meant to mention - Tyan S2466N Tiger MPX

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  8. I know a few people who have your combo, and none of them have your problem...

    What problem is it exactly? Does audio crackle? Lose sync? Skip?

    If it's just crackling, it could very well be your audio cabling. Keep power and data lines away from your audio cables, make sure any spring-loaded clamp connections aren't dirty or loose, etc. I had a crackling problem for a while and tracked it down to loose hair tangled in the line-out connections on the back of my subwoofer (I had a lot more hair back then).

    You aren't by any chance using the onboard USB ports? If the ATX I/O plate with the motherboard didn't have cutouts for the USB ports, then you really aren't supposed to use those ports. Tyan used a slightly pre-release chipset revision (with buggy USB controller) for early MPX motherboards and stupidly left you the ability to use that buggy USB controller. It might be causing this problem.

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  9. You might be interested in this thread:

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  10. Hmmm...I seem to remember that early revisions of SBLive! (original, not Audigy) drivers didn't like WinNT 4 and SMP.

    I also remember building a 440BX SMP box (used to be my Linux crashbox) with an SB PCI 128 card. Creative's drivers had problems with audio speed sync that would screw up DivX playback badly; Win2K's default Ensoniq ES137x drivers worked just fine (the SB PCI128 is apparently based on this chipset).

    Could be some revisions of Audigy drivers are just not really SMP-stable.

    <i>If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does it still cost four figures to fix?
  11. I'm writting this on a dual i440BX system...

    I started out with a Live! that was transplanted from my old(er) PIII-500 uniprocessor system. I tried every Live! driver I could find. I still got crackles and pops. Never crashed - it was just annoying. Bought an Audigy when they first came out and it worked fine out of the box with the drivers on the disk. I don't think I've ever updated them.

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  12. It's skipping. Also happends with DVD movies too. Hmmmm, some stupid setting somewhere, but where?! :(
    I have an Asus MB, and they workedaround the USB bug by providing an USB extension card, so it's not that. I've also removed my sound card and try it with the on-board sound chip and got the same result.
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