How to open Works 3.0-4.0 WPS File in Modern Word (like 2010 or 2007)?

Hi I ran across this problem today and it got me stumped.

Friend has some old documents from the days of Windows 3.1.

They are written in Microsoft Works 3.0 (or was it 4.0).

The problem is all the solution I found to open those documents in Word are for Word 2000, which I don't have.

Is there a way to open them in Word 2007 or Word 2010?
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  1. You may have to convert them first. Test a file using an online conversion utility @
  2. Open up MS Word and then go to the Office Icon and click OPEN in the second dropdown at the bottom (files of type) select All Files. Browse to the file and then double click it. MS word has it's own converters built in.
  3. You might want to try your luck with OpenOffice?
  4. Open Office and Abiword don't open Works files. Testing that Zamzar at the moment.
  5. Will they open in Wordpad and then re save as a different format to open in word?
  6. Simple. Open the file in Works. Select all and copy. Open a blank Word file. Past the Works file into the blank file. DONE!
  7. The problem is the default configuration to tell Word that it knows what its doing with Work is not configurable through the interface.

    Many people are also using Office Starter that came with their computer and this uses a Q drive configuration that causes a deliberate layer of grief to try to get you to upgrade.

    Built a registry tweak to fix the problem after you run it and reset you can just point and click open word. Remember to hit the convert button and resave when you close it so it is easily shareable in the future.
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