Motherboard Choice for Overclocking ??

I am about to buy a new motherboard and wondered which one of these would be the best for me to get. I am looking to overclock my system as far as I can just using the fan/heatsink and case fans ( no watercooling yet).Please let me know why the board you choose is best. The boards that I am looking at are:

Soltek SL-75DRV5

Epox EP-8K3A+

MSI KT3 Ultra (MS-6380E v1.0)

Gigabyte GA-7VRXP

Asus A7V333

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  1. Ask the motherboard forum, I guarantee you'll get a better opinion. But to me the 8K3A+ is perfect. It was tested using 166MHZ FSB and RAM, which showed VERY nice results and stable.

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  2. Abit KR7A. I've been running my XP1600 at 177MHz FSB w/o problem.
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  3. Are you just using standard cooling meathods? Heatsink/fan, and case fan? Or more? Also does the Abit board allow you to overclock to that fsb in bios standard from the factory, or is there some secret to it?
  4. I'm using Thermaltake Volcano 7 and 2 of generic case fans, and all of Abit settings are adjusted in BIOS. You probably need higher speed RAM though (mine is Samsung PC2700 CAS2.5 but I run at 2)

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  5. Remember YMMV (your mileage may vary)
    I have a KR7A-RAID and I can only get 142 MHz FSB and its not very stable. I have quality parts, all of which have done 160 FSB CAS 2-2-2 in an Epox 8K7A+. I basically got the same results hard ocp did with their first KR7A but later revisions do overclock better.
    The Epox 8K3A+ will run DDR400 if you buy the right Samsung PC2700 and have an unlocked CPU. For some reason this Samsung memory is VERY high quality. On the hardforums most people with 1.6A Northwoods and Epox 4BDA2+ motherboards are running 150 FSB and 3:4 mem ratio giving them DDR 400 memory speeds (PC3200) which is comparable to the performance of rambus.
    Normally Abit and Asus have been overclocking kings, but I think Epox is stealing the crown away. If you plan to go AMD (Which is how it seems) then deffinitly get the Epox 8K3A+, almost all of them will be able to hit DDR400 speeds with high quality memory because of their KT333 chipset. The KR7A boards have the KT266a which just isn't always able to reach those speeds.
    And if you go Intel get the Epox 4BDA2+ MANY people on the hard forums are reporting successful overclocks with them, and most of the problems are only from power supplys that arn't able to do the job all the way.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
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