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Hi, I need a laptop with fast processor for working with such 3D software as AutoCAD, Microstation, ArchiCAD, BIM, photoshop etc. I think about following configuration: i7 2630qm (or i7 2720qm) - what is the best for my purpose?; RAM 8gb DDR3 (or more?), HDD 750gb (or 1tb)/7200 rpm, NVidia 1gb or 2 gb (is it good graphics?), screen resolution 1900x1080, blu-ray burner, 9 cell battery. Also I would like to have laptop as light as possible, and with good cooling system - does it depend on brand? I was looking for customizable Dell xps15 or hp dv6t (by the way, quite expensive), and also was looking for Asus in canadacomputers, but can't make a decision. Was reading comments and found that people had problems with Dell, other were not happy with hp (produces too much heat), and some users were criticizing NVidia. Asus had not bad specs, but too heavy. It is difficult to find in the store required configuration. Will appreciate so much your advices. Romanna
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  1. Look buddy, i am not a expert. But i use the same software that u need. Best thing to run them is Desktop. But if u need them on laptop, then u have to spend high. Best if u can buy Dell alienware. i know its too costly , but it is the best u can have. But u r thinking of budget too. I saw the Dell XPS models. its good. I guess Dell is much better than HP. Hp is good for entertainment or gaming. But the professionals use dell for works. So try Dell if u can. But also wait for some experts comments. they can guide u better. Best of luck............ :hello:
  2. Hi there

    Not really a technical answer, but I recently got a Medion Erazer X6813, which costs about £1000. It has an i7-2630QM and an NVidia GTX460M, with 4GB RAM, an 80GB SSD and a 750 GB standard hard drive. At least in terms of gaming, it can handle some of the most demanding titles out there at full native HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

    It comes in cheaper than the Alienwares, and reviews suggest it has comparable performance, so maybe check them out. Build quality of the case and screen are the areas where it may lose out to the alienwares, and I know the top-spec Alienware M18x will kick its rear end, with dual GPU's in SLI.

    I dont know how gaming performance translates to ACAD performance. I am guessing that ACAD may need higher RAM for calculations and such. The ERAZER tops out at 8GB (came supplied with 4), where the Alienwares I believe go up to 32GB.

    The Erazer also has a DVD Burner and Blu-Ray player - I am not sure if it can burn Blu-ray though.
  3. I dint know there is someone else in the market who cant beat Allienware.
    Great, best of luck....... & i guess u can ignore the matter of burning BR disc. U got a great laptop.
  4. Thank you both :),
    Amiga, I didn't hear about Medion Erazer X6813, where can I look for it?
    Kousik, what specs your desktop has? initially I was thinking about desktop too, but then in addition I will need netbookor small notebook for mobility. I am not an expert but try to understand how things are working at least at user's level. It became so exhausting to figure out what I have to buy. Experience exchange is of great help.
    thank you guys :)
  5. Roamanna, If u have a healthy Bank balance then i will recommend u for Intel I7 extreme edition. But yes, it is extremely costly too. If u cant get it then go for I7 2nd gen 2600 processor with asus mother board . This would fit u budget. But i am using a different configuration.
    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition 3.20 GHz
    Asus M4A89GTD Pro USB 3
    Corsair XMS3 4 GB 1600 MHz
    ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB
    Segate Baracuda 500 GB[16mb]
    AMD X6 has 6 core, that's why it can render much faster than I7. But on overall performance all says I7 is better. But as far my need i am pretty satisfied with X6. AMD with ATI is really good for gaming. I can get a high resolution 3d max interior scene render output in 3 to 4 hours. This is enough for me. & also it came a little cheaper than I7. So id depend on ur need & ur budget. Everybody say I7 is best. Yes it is best. But AMD is not worst. It can give u a lot too. Need any further help , just ask me.......... :sol: :hello:
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