Dell Latitude D510 HDD Upgrade

Sup ppl?
I have an old laptop that is surprisingly still working well after almost 4 years. Anyway, I want to get a replacement Hard Disk Drive for it from now, but I am unable to find any good info online as to what it can support.
I've searched and it is almost impossible to find a 2.5" IDE ATA-100 Notebook HDD @ 7200RPM, so i'll just go with another 5400 RPM instead. I see some that i'd get, which is 120GB, but I was wondering if the Notebook would work with 160GB HDD. Currently I have a 80GB installed.
Anyone has any info to suggest the max size this Nootbook will recognize?

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  1. I replaced the IDE hard disk on my 10-year old Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop from 40 GBs to 250 GBs; no problems.

    I used Apricorn's EZ Gig II to do the cloning. Worked well.
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