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I built my computer last summer when I had some free time, I am running an Asus A7V266 and have an Athlon 1.4, I am also running WINXP, when I check my CPU usage, sometimes it stays at 100%, that doesnt see right, Do I need to mess with the BIOS, if I do, how?
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  1. Exactly what process puts it at 100%? It's easiest to set the task manager to appear in SysTray, set the process list to sort by CPU usage, and check the process list whenever you see the CPU usage meter shoot up unexpectedly.

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  2. Are you referring to the "System Idle Process"?
    If so, that shows the processor at rest. The higher the

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  3. Are you using any programs like Kazaa or Seti?

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  4. I am not using anything like that, I rarely download stuff.
  5. So that's the thing that lowers the idle temps implemented in WinXP and Win2000?

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  6. Do a search on MS knowledge base.. there a few known issues, that can result in 100% cpu usage. It doesnt affect your systems performance though, but it will stress your system, cause unecessary heat and power consumption.

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  7. No, it's just saying that your processor isn't doing anything at the moment.

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  8. yes seti@home, & then ?!?

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