Hi, I'm thinking about getting an upgrade/making a new system with the following components:

*AMD Athlon XP-1800
*Soyo KT333 DRAGON Ultra
*Kingmax 256mb PC2700 RAM
*ATI Radeon AIW 8500
*100gb Western Digital, 7200rpm HDD w/ 8mb Cache
*AOpen ATX Midi-Tower
*Topower 420w ATX PSU

Can anyone give me ideas on what sort of cooling or anything else I'll need. I'd like to keep it cheap and I wont be overclocking, so I don't need anything hi-tech. Is it possible just to stick with whatever comes with it?
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  1. Quote:

    Can anyone give me ideas on what sort of cooling or anything else I'll need.

    Well, I suggest you look for the retail Athlon XP 1800+ that includes a heatsink/fan. The included one is extremely quiet and since you're not overclocking, you won't need anything more powerful.

    As for the ATI AIW R8500, which one are you considering? There are two AIW R8500s. There's the 64MB AIW R8500DV and the 128MB AIW R8500. The 128MB AIW R8500 has much better performance (about on par with the 128MB Ti4200), but lacks the Firewire ports.

    As for the RAM:

    *Kingmax 256mb PC2700 RAM

    I highly recommend you get 512MB RAM. Today's games and programs are steadily increasing in memory demands and so 512MB RAM will be a much better investment. Besides, if you're going to be doing any video editing with that AIW R8500 then you'll need that 512MB for smooth capturing.

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  2. The omission of the FireWire ports shouldn't be too much of a problem, since you can just go and get a dedicated FireWire card for pretty cheap. And since you can't get the 128MB's performance out of the 64MB one, it'd be much advised to go for the 128MB. Also I'd think the 128MB version would be more expensive, but I don't know by how much.
  3. I am using a retail XP1900+. My psu fan is louder than the XP's heatsink\fan.

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  4. Im hoping to get the 128mb version, but that will really depend on price and availability :(

    Will I need any case fans?
  5. with all that stuff in there yeah.
    dont really need dozens of high speed fans though.
    1 low speed casefan mounted at the rear should be sufficient.

    and i too reccomend 512Mb ram
    Corsair sells PC2700 as a single stick of 512mb :)
    bit more expensive, but it is rated for cas2 not 2.5 like kingmax. and it has nifty heat spreaders :smile:

    Despite appearances im not Phsysic. I may need your system specifications to solve your problem!
  6. So just one of those 80x25mm fans - what about a separate intake and outtake fans?
    I would love to get 512mb RAM, I was hoping to get 256mb now and another stick of 256mb down the road. Is this viable or are there disadvantages to using 2x256 rather than 1x512?

    Unfortunately "Corsair" is pretty scarce downunder, I think there's a place up in Queensland that sells it but if they ship it down and its faulty or something... it's just a pain dealing interstate through email/phone.

    Are any of these brands as good or better: Nanya, Kingston, Hyundai?
  7. yep... just a 80mm fan.
    anything from a super quiet panflow @ 1900rpm to a screaming banshee of a delta at 5000rpm.

    course the panflo should be more than adequate.
    certain mobs also make temp variable fans. (enermax?)

    if you have a decent case then 2 fans may give u better flow... but with mine the extra fan just created more noise with no tangable benefit.

    if u want to find corsair in australia, i suggest
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    they have good stuff, and some peeps ive chatted to say their service is good.

    performance wise at any given Mhz will be the same with 1 x 512 or 2 x 256... but its generally achknowledged that with overclocking 1 stick will go further than 2...
    plus, its only taking up one slot. more room for expansion. also 1 stick is typically slightly cheaper than 2 (of the same brand)

    i have no opinion on nanya kingston or hyundai as i dont have any data on them.
    if you want cheap performing PC2700 then kingmax is common enough... sambsung if you can find it.

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