Why can\'t I play a DVD that I burned on my laptop in a DVD player?

i burned some cartoons on a dvd-r it plays in my labtop but not in any of my 3 dvd players? i need step by step instructions, cuz i'm brand new at burning, just started yesterday. thanks, i hope i can get help
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  1. Absolutely, asking for help is never a problem :).

    Anyways, if you're new, I'd suggest using a very simple third-party program. Try DVDFlick, free, and works wonders. Here is a link:
    Simply import the file(s) you are trying to burn, edit the settings, and hit burn! If you need any more help, just let me know.
  2. Well, in order to play the movie files, you can't simply copy them to the DVD, you need to "Authorize" the DVD. "Authoring" means creating a DVD that plays in DVD player, and you are the author of the production.

    I bet what you did was simply copying the files, wich a computer will be able to read, but not DVD players wich has a dumb OS. DVD players can only read/play authorized content.

    So, in order to create this, you can use a program in Windows to create DVD, I can't remember the name, but I can tell you that is AWESOME, I have used before, no need for 3rd parties (Vista and above, XP sucks for this) In the authoring process, you gonna create MENUS, put soundtrack in the background of the menus, links to chpaters etc....After all, YOU GONNA CREATE A DVD!!! Just like the ones you rent/buy

  3. DVD player can only read certain type format...

    so if u burn it directly (data disc) and not convert it to dvd data format (dvd video disc),

    the player will had a hard time to decode/read the data, hence cannot play it...

    try using dvd maker apps/software or u will need better dvd player that can support multi (wide range) of data format....
  4. pc can read avi and other video file formats. most dvd players cant there looking for standard dvd vob files. a standard dvd has about 4g of data on them and anti copy protection. there are rippers and dvd copy programs that will take the copy protection off so you can make a copy. the law is clear..you can make as many copy of disk you own...but if you do it to a rental disk..and are caught can be a big fine.
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