Browser hijacker search dot us, pls help

my laptop was hijacked by this search dot us which I have been able to remove some of, but not all. My ie now being run in protected mode, and using some anti virus, anti malware etc. when attempting anything in safe mode computr shuts down. the hijacker apparently mutates and I would appreciate any specific help. Windows 7 on a Gateway.
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  1. Do you have a restore point from before you started noticing the browser hijacker?
  2. hi, yes, did set to previous restore point, but the infection still in here somewhere.
  3. Do you have a restore point farther back? I meant one that was a restore point from before the browser hijacking started.
  4. yes, i understand, from much further back.
  5. run malware bytes and then find the name of the virus/spyware..most times they drop hidden parts in the registry and in start up programes so it reloads on power a hijackthis and post the log.
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