10GB SSD space disappeared?

Hey guys,

Simple question. I just replaced my Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM with Vengeance 16GB. A couple hours later, I just realized my SSD space went from around 105GB to 95GB. What happened?? I haven't done any downloading or installing.

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  1. It looks like the your page file size set to automatic...

    The page files size will increase if the memory added... (if it set to auto)

    try set the page file size manually, or u can put/move the page files into HDD (out of ssd)
  2. Could also be the hibernation file too.
    If you don't use hibernation you can disable it completely to regain a few gig of space,
    to do so run CMD as admin and type "powercfg -h off" (without quotation marks of cause).
  3. Yea its 16360mb O.o why so large and do I need it to be that large? And hiberfil.sys is 12gb, is that too large as well? I will lower the size of the pagefile, but does that affect anything?

    Speaking of hibernation, when I put my computer to sleep it can never wake up. My keyboard has led lighting. When my computer is asleep, the lighting on the keyboard is off, but it flashes when I hit a button. It's strange and I never got around to figuring out what is going on there.
  4. As far as i know the hibernation file is set to the size of the memory installed and there is no way to change it.

    As for the pagefile i would just set it to something like 1gig to a max of 4gig, you don't really need it with 16gig of memory.
  5. page file important in low memory system....
    the data not fit into ram/memory (memory full) being saved to disk (page files) so it can be used later when the memory clears up

    but now, it almost not needed anymore (since most people had 4G - 32G memory) but for safety it better to keep page file enable but just set it into 2g - 4g size... move it to hdd can also works...

    hibernation only useful if u often using it, I myself turn hibernation function off...
  6. hiberfil is set to 75% of the ram size, you can make it smaller, but you run the risk when hibernating that you can't fit all of the ram content into it. do you hibernate or just sleep?

    and with 16GB ram unless you are using serious amounts of ram then set the pagefile to 1GB min/max or move it to a hdd.
  7. Thanks guys! One last quick question. I will set it to 2048/2048 (or maybe smaller?) but is it recommended that I move it off my SSD?
  8. I would move it due to the way that ssd's change data.
  9. Agree with 13thmonkey, pagefiles read and writen each time it on will decrease the write cycles of your SSD..
  10. Okay guys, I'm doing the same for my laptop as well. Setting my pagefile to 2048/2048 (I have 8GB ram, the pagefile was 8094mb. Do I need hyberfil.sys on a laptop? I only use sleep and never hibernate. But it is to my understanding on laptops when the battery gets low they will automatically hibernate, although mine is usually always plugged in. So if I just use sleep on my laptop, is it safe to turn hyberfil.sys off?
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