Random Shutown with BSOD

i got a little issue here that have been annoying me for a while, and i am abit afraid of losing all my data. Once a while my cusstom build pc shutdown randomly in the wrong moments, and sometimes when you set the pc to hibernate automatic, then start it, run it for a couple of hours and let it hibernate again, guess what BSOD. what i believe so far is that i either got a hardwarefailure or a wrong registry build.

i have had trouble from the start where the pc was new. so i did a fresh new install 3 times.

it happens randomly. Ive heard about a stopcode but where is it, when the BSOD appears ?.
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  1. Yes, the error code/stop code appears on the BSOD.
    If the BSOD disappears too fast, disable automatic restart.
    The next BSOD will then stay on the screen.

    Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings

    Where it says "Startup & Recovery", click "Settings"

    UNtick Automatically restart.

    Click 'OK'
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