Is GPU upgradeable on the MSI GT683r


Im going to be buying this laptop (MSI GT683R). here is the link:

It is a great laptop as I read from reviews and comes with the GTX 560M. But I want to know if I will be able to upgrade the Gpu to something like GTX 580M in the future? Any body know?

Also, the GTX 560m is MXM3.0 TypeB an also is the GTX580m, so would that mean anything in terms of compatribility?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think so;however,I think you can swap it with GTX 570M
  2. hmm, swapping with gtx 570m would mean i can upgrade to that? but it would be pretty usleless going from a 560 to 570. Why do you think 580m isnt compatible?
  3. Yep,I meant upgrading to 570 which is indeed useless.
    As for 580M,well you better ask MSI to be 100% sure but AFAIK,the only laptops that can use 580M are AW M17x/M18x and some Clevo models
  4. I see..Alright I will be then asking MSI. thanks alot for the help Maziar. :)
  5. Btw I am from Afghanistan and I kinda speak and mostly understand persian too. :)
  6. Cool :)
    Let me know if you got your answer from MSI,I'm interested to know it as well
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