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I ordered a replacement battery for my acer Aspire 7440 (Battery: AS 07B61) from amazon and received a battery listed as a replacement for AS07B31. Both of these batteries were listed in the vendors ad for the battery.

The original battery: AS07B61 is rated at 10.8V 48Wh 4400mAh while the replacement specs are 11.1V 49Wh.

Is it safe to use this replacement with this slight difference or not?

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  1. is the current rating the same on the second battery?

    If it's the same, I'd contact acer to double check that your motherboard can handle 11.1V instead of 10.8V safely.
  2. Thanks for reply. I found enough encouraging evidence to say yes-ok so I proceeded and the plot thickened...

    Put in new battery and turned on laptop. Booted up and displayed “plugged in, no battery detected”.

    I left it like that for an hour to see if as the battery perhaps still took a charge the system may recognize and acknowledge it. Nope.

    Unplugged and powered on machine. Strangely enough it fully booted up BUT still showed no battery detected.

    Knowing full well from My Cousin Vinnie that I am unable to violate the laws of physics when it comes to cooking grits OR running a laptop with absolutely no power I was unsure of what to do next; so I:

    Powered down, unplugged from wall and removed new battery. Held power button down for 2+ minutes to fully discharge. Put battery in, plugged in to wall and booted up. Still not recognizing battery.

    Went into device manager and uninstalled "Microsoft ACPU Compliant Control", scanned for hardware changes, Nothing; rebooted, zilch.

    Powered down, put old battery in, powered on while plugged into wall, upon booting received status of “plugged in but not charging”.

    Went to acer site and downloaded flash-bios update, ran; nada, still not charging.

    Pwr Dwn, put in new battery, pwr up, goose-egg still not even detecting.

    So as it stands I have an old (original) battery which is detected but does not charge by laptop, shows 6% charge and laptop immediately shuts off if removed from wall power... AND

    A new battery (non-OEM) which is not even recognized by the laptop but which runs it.

    Laptop is 18 months old so it’s out of warranty.
    I really need a laptop, not a modern looking desktop with folding lid.

    Any additional ideas greatly appreciated before I attempt impact testing .?.?
  3. wait I'm confused so the old battery provides power but it's not recognized? that doesn't seem possible.

    old battery being dead is nothing special. once it degrades to a certain point the power circuit will not even attempt to charge the battery. It's a built in function that basically lets you know that you need a replacement.

    my guess would be, return the battery your bought and get the one that matches the model you had exactly (preferably from acer)
  4. Sorry for delay AntiZig

    Old battery runs laptop and is recognized but does not charge. Is down to 6% (in status indicator) so machine turns off the moment AC is disconnected.

    New battery is not recognized at all in status indicator, yet it will boot up without AC power and runs fine. Of course I don;t know for how long since it is not recognized it does not tell me how much of a charge it has. (I assume it is running off factory initial 40% charge.
  5. that is really weird, can you see if acer has drivers for motherboard/battery? I doubt it, but you never know.

    where did you purchase this battery from? who's the manufacturer?

    Which windows are you running?

    I mean of all things I'd think that if the laptop is running on battery power then windows would at least detect that is the case and just say that you got some generic battery that is being used. On the other hand, if it has no info on the battery, then yes, it has no way of knowing what the total capacity is and what voltages is it supposed to charge the battery at.

    I'd say, make sure you update your motherboard drivers, BIOS and if you can find any form of battery driver for what you purchased that would be of help too.

    if all else fails you'll have to contact acer and ask them why the battery is working but isn't recognized.
  6. Thanks again.
    I did flash update of acer bios and have tried (to no avail) all driver R&D and any/all other thing I could think of...
    Battery from "Systems Integration Business Corporation" via amazon; most other resellers seem to be selling exact same battery as aftermarket from what I can see.

    Think I need to relegate it to being a desktop. Really don't have money to throw around but at how many hours-in do I have to cut my losses. I have had 3 acers (this being 3rd) and have actually had tremendous success with them until now.

    Thanks for your help, take care.
  7. Can you contact the manufacturer of the battery and see what they tell you?
  8. I have had the same problem with an Acer Travelmate 4060. I bought a new battery which was not reognised, then, all on its own one day, the battery was recognised. Worked fine for ages then not recognised again.
    I am uncertain of the battery is actually being charged even though the charge light is not on.
    I recently used the laptop for 2 hours until the battery went flat. I commenced charging but it wouldnt charge over 70% even though I left it on charge overnight. Now, the battery is not recognised again!
    Oh well, perhaps it will just fix itself again.
  9. Strange goings on. I found the old original battery and put it into the laptop which recognised it and started charging it. I put back the replacement battery and again it was not recognised.
    Perhaps the original batteries have a chip put in them by Acer. Having said that, the replacement battery was fine for a year or so?!?!?!?!?
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  10. I have had the same problem and I now noticed that it is a voltage issue on my new battery that won't be detected. Your post helped to save my sanity as I think the only way to solve this is to get the same exact battery so it will be recognized.
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