p3 1.4 tualatin oc, compared to P4

How would a p3 1.4 512 cache tualatin procwith 512sdram, thats oc to about 1.6, compare to a p4? What cpu speed on a p4 would it compare too. I know the 1.4t is too expensive now, but I am sure the prices will drop in a few months. I know most of you gurus would say it's a waste of money and to go get a new cpu and mother board, but then I would have to buy everything (like hd,case ram etc) because I dont want to trash what I have.
Now I have a p3 800e 512 110fsb
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  1. hmmmm
    well with equal amounts of ram (sdram & rdram)
    i would generally equate a 133fsb 512k cache tully @ 1Ghz with a p4 @ 1.4 or 1.5.

    so your OC'ed tully @ 1.6 & 150 fsb would give u performance somewhere around the levels of the P4 1.8A to 2.0A.

    problem is your comparing very different processors, chipsets and ram types...
    each benchmark will be different.

    but the tully is a kickass CPU... its only downside is its inability to use the newer ram types.

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  2. Thanks, How fast do you think I could safely overclock a 1.4cpu?
  3. levels of the P4 1.8A to 2.0A.

    So it equal a 1900+ i dont think so it lack too much of FSB

    P3 is dead

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  4. Not sure yet. I'm still playing and tweeking mine. Just got it a couple days ago and I've been out of town for work.

    Right now i'm running a P3 1.26/ 512k @1.58 gig 166fsb with no problems at all. I'm downloading the new Sisoft Sandra now to get a better perspective of how things look compared to other systems. Will post back with rusults later this evening.

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  5. hey Rick, what motherboard do you use. It's hard for me to find a motherboard that supports the Tualatin with 512k L2 cache.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  6. the asus boards that start or end in t support the tualatin, or you can get an adapter from powerleap.com that will let a regular 370 copermine board to run a tualatin. The adapter runs $25 bucks.
  7. Overclocking depends on the quality of ALL of your components. You can only overclock as far as your weakest component will overclock

    My system
    Asus TUSL2-C bios 1012.007beta
    P3t 1.26@1.58 166fsb
    256MB Crucialpc133@166fsb 3/2/2/5/7
    PNY G3 TI200@ 230/490
    Maxtor 40gig 7200rpm
    Aureal Vortex2 sound card
    Creative DI5630 56k modem
    Kingston/Intel nic
    52x cdron
    Creative 12/10/32 cdrw
    cheap case
    400watt Sparkle power supply
    and of course a floppy
    7795 3dm2k1
    <A HREF="http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3391658" target="_new">http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3391658</A>

    Sandra scores
    alu 4356
    fpu 2121
    CPU Multimedia
    Integer 8614
    Floating point 10695
    Integer 1232MB/sec
    Floating point1227MB/sec

    These scores (except memory) are just above or just below a P4 2.0 and Athlon pr1800 (1.533mhz) scores. These are the highest cpu's in sandra.

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  8. I'm a little confused right now; I just went to Asus' site to check out the TUS-L2C and at <A HREF="http://usa.asus.com/mb/socket370/tusl2-c/faq.htm" target="_new">this address</A>, it says that the Pentium III with 512k is not supported...

    I also went to check the bios versions that they have available to d/l on their site and all they have is ver. 1011. So are your sure that you have a 1.26 with 512k because Intel also released a 1.2ghz with 256k L2?

    I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but I don't want to end up buying the TUS-L2C and the P3 only to find out that they are incompatible.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  9. Impressive, I have a cusl2
    512 133ram running at 114
    plex 12/10/30
    lite on 12x40
    xp pro
    80g maxtorliguid bearing
    sound blaster audigymp3
    gforce 2mx 400 32mb
    I was going to get that powerleap adapter myself for my board? Have you heard anything good or bad about those adapters?
  10. no doubt about it the tully is a good CPU and great overclocker.

    i think the main problem people have is running out of viable FSB speed due to AGP/PCI/IDE problems associated with elevated fsb.

    a real shame intel is discontinuing it.

    i shudder to think of how crap the P4 celleron with 128k L2 cache is gonna be!

    mmmm P4 celleron, 128k cache, 128Mb sdram, 5400rpm HDD, tnt2 M64 graphics. YUM (not)

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  11. not too sure really.
    pretty rare the 512k tullutins are. ive seen a couple of 1.6's, and its possible u could go higher. try and find out.

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  12. Completely positive. No problems at all. All 512k cache is recognized and used. I know that the Intel and Asus website say that the 512k tualatin processors are not supported. BUT THEY LIE. It is all for marketing.
    I paid $150US for this processor to upgrade my system from a P3 1 gig. It was simple and cost effective compared to buy a new motherboard and memory. Plus my son got the 1 gig, my wife got his700@933,and my wifes sister who lives next door got her 800@840.all are happy.

    If you go back to the Asus site and go to the bios download page, click the link for "Go Beta" to find the 1012.007 bios version. I think you can also get it from the ftp site. You can usually find the older versions on the ftp site also

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  13. Does anyone know how good that Powerleap adapter is. It just seems to good to be true, as if there would be some problems with having it. I think I'm more worried about the adapter causing a Tualy to by slower than a Tualy without a powerleap adapter.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  14. from what i have read on other peoples experiences.( I personally have not tried one) they work fine at stock speeds and minor overdlocking. But not for serious overclocking. Have not seen any benchmarks for them on any site yet. so I can not state this as fact.

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  15. Crash had one, and it overheated on oc'ing. Whether it was a bad adaptor or they're all bad, I don't know.

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  16. I think it may have crashed because at powerleap they say not to attach a different fan, I believe because of the size with the adapter and all, but there must be a way to get some extra cooling. Power leap says because its .13micron it runs cooler and larger fan not necessary.
    any comments on the fan issue with an adapter?
  17. I just ordered my p3 1.4 5 minutes ago and hopefully it'll work with my Aopen ax3sp-u. If not, I'll just buy a new motherboard, the TUS-L2C or the Abit ST6-RAID.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  18. I just got my new laptop with a 1.2Ghz mobile Tully. I am very impressed. Even though laptops are generally slower then their desktop counterparts, this machine is about 10% faster then my 900mhz desktop Athlon (CPU only, not comparing disk drives).

    There is no way I can overclock this laptop, but I am completely satified with its performance. With the full docking station, this laptop doubles as a desktop for my work PC.

    The desktop version must be awesome (for a P3)!

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  19. The relative speeds of the Tualatin and the P4 depend entirely on the application. On some apps the Tualatin at 1.4 GHz would be equivalent to a 1.8 GHz P4 or even more. On other apps (bandwidth-hungry or multimedia-rich ones) the P4 will rule over the P3 even at the same clock speed, provided you use RDRAM with the P4. For general use the P3 has a greater IPC than the P4 and a similar IPC to the Athlon.

  20. With the introduction of the 1.4, do you think they will bring out some other p3 in the next few months like 1.5+, or do you think this is it?
  21. They'll probably cut it off soon, I'm not sure it would be worthwhile to bring out a 1.5.

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  22. At first Intel was going to bring out a 1.53 (11.5*133) P3 Tualy, but later changed it's mind.

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  23. Rick -

    Do the new TUSL2-C boards have core voltage adjustment for the Tualatin cores? I know the earlier ones don't.

    What rev is your board?

    - JW
  24. I would advise against the ST6-R over the other one for overclocking, if that's your intention. I've not been impressed with it's abilities. I'm going to chuck a 1.2 Celery 256k to see how it goes.

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  25. The main reason why I'm considering the abit st6-r is because it has the Softmenu 3 and i'd be able to lock the pci/agp bus when overclocking.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  26. <font color=blue>"With the introduction of the 1.4, do you think they will bring out some other p3 in the next few months like 1.5+, or do you think this is it?"</font color=blue>

    No way (my opinion only). It could outperform the Northwood in some areas. As proof, look at the pricing. They are pushing users to the P4.

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  27. that could be a good thing, thogh no USB2, no RAID, no ATA133 and other optional stuff you get with new AMD or INTEL..
    i think the P3 world is for those who want to buy an Intel CPU..
    yet with the new core even i would go with P4..
    lost battle really..

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  28. PIII Tualatin is about the same speed as the AMD Thunderbird. Which means the 1.4 is about the same performance as a P4 1.6 or more.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  29. Yah your right there asking 300+ for that tuly.
  30. I heard you burned out a powerleap adapter, is that true? I was thinking about getting one and then overclocking it. Is it harder to oc with an adapter, or just harder to keep cool?
  31. Yes and no. With bios 1011 and above you can get higher voltages. But on my board I can only choose 1.755 or 1.80 volts for overclocking. Quite a big step up fron 1.45volts.
    AT 1.8v I run at 40-42 degrees celsius IDLE but dont get over 48 degrees celsius at full load which is the highest any of my P3 systems have ever run. The wifes 700@933 2.05 volts dosent run quite this warm but it could be a Asus probe thing!

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  32. I have an ST6-R. You can NOT lock the PCI/AGP bus. So don't buy one thinking you can.

    Also, PIII-S-1400 is end of the line for the P3s. There were plans for PIII-S-1533 (and we all know the chips will do it easily) but intel is trying to push corporations into buying P4 Xeons so the 1533s got axed a couple of weeks ago.

    - JW

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  33. thanks so much JCLW even though that's some bad news. I thought that because Softmenu III on the TH7-IIR allowed you to lock the pci/agp bus on that board, I would of been able to do the same on the st-6 raid.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  34. Hey, I'm no longer a Stranger!

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  35. Wow, congrats. Only 10000 more posts or so until Honorary Veteran. I'm only at 417... :frown: Looks like I have a bit of work ahead of me...

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  36. Yes, I overheated an adapter and damaged the voltage regulator overclocking. Since everything I did fell within normal use for the adapter (I only tried overclocking to 133MHz FSB with a voltage increase that the adapter was designed for), only the warrantee on the CPU was voided. But the CPU wasn't even damaged. So I got an exchange. OH, I used the fan header from my motherboard, so it was a problem with the adapter itself. The new one also didn't take too kindly to overclocking. You can buy this combo with the replaced adapter, undamaged and unused, from me. Personally I've lost faith in this product for overclocking.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  37. Don't be sorry you're "stuck" in the PIII world, I choose to live in it.

    - JW
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