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Hey guys, my laptop is soooooo slow my screen freezes while the audio still plays, i get high disk usage warning my laptop is slow with everything it does. when i try to record audio with elgato game capture the audio cuts out and lags the same with my video too it is as if everything is freezing on the laptop then unfreezing constantly please help guys!!.
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  1. Hmmm. Have you filled your storage drive to capacity and do you regularly defrag your drives?
  2. no i have got 620/674gb on my c drive and i factory reset laptop about a week ago but when it finishes it remains like this with freezing screen with audio still playing :(
  3. You could probably start by defragging your laptop.

  4. have you checked that all devices are recognised in DeviceManager?
    Is something hogging the cpu? check TaskManager.
  5. after a while i get the little blue circle going round and it says not responding every task i do takes forever including updates i know should take 1/10th as long i will do from that link and re post if nothing works mate. thank you.
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