X64 W7 and IE10 install problem!

I've downloaded, installed, un-installed IE10 at least five times since yesterday. I never tried the pre-releases. I've downloaded the x64v from MS's site, downloaded and installed from the IE9 browser, un-installed IE9, deleted all the program files from both PF and PF (86). I've tried launching it from shortcuts, all programs inside the program files folder and command prompt but nothing happens! I've run MS Fix It too. I thought perhaps it had something to do with java being disabled in the cpl gui but I enabled it. And why, when choosing x64, does it appear to also install x32? Any theories? Fortunately I'm primarily a Cyberfox user! Thank you!
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  1. Did you install the win 7 platform update that came out yesterday? I think that is required for IE10.


    Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 will be near-identical to its Windows 8 counterpart. This includes features such as support for the Pointer Events touch API and hardware acceleration using Direct2D and DirectWrite. To that end, installing Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 requires the installation of a platform update that brings Windows 7's version of these APIs in line with Windows 8.
  2. +1 on platform update, just did it and worked.
  3. i have same problem and i installed all of windows updates..
    please help!!
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