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I currently have a Toshiba satellite u205-s5057 but because of my stupidity its not working as it used to. I’ve had it for four to five yrs and I’ve had no problems until two months ago. So know I’ve decided to get a new laptop. I’m debating to either get an Hp or a Toshiba. I’ve read many reviews and based on the reviews it’s a tie btw the two. With the Toshiba I’ve noticed that its gets hot really fast. I’ve noticed this a few months ago. My sis told me that the Hp doesn’t get hot as much as the Toshiba. I’m not sure if this is true. I also I’m not a fan of windows vista, I actually prefer windows XP. However my friend’s brother told me that with Windows Vista u can retrieve ur files if the computer no longer works. I think he said that it has a second hard drive. Not sure if it’s a must for me to get a Vista has I have Norton and it backs up all of my files. I don’t play games on my laptop, but I watch a lot of videos, I do a lot of downloads, and listen to music. I should add one more thing, I’ve had quiet a few viruses (not major ones) and my laptop still held on. I’m not if HP would have crashed on me but Toshiba did not. Here is my list as to what I am looking for.

-strong hard drive as I am not getting a warranty.
-high hard drive capacity
-long battery life
--light weight

Here are links to the ones I was thinking of getting. One of them is neither HP or Toshiba. I should say that I am not great with computer terminologies so please explain it to me in words that I can understand. Thanks.




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  1. cece25 said:
    However my friend’s brother told me that with Windows Vista u can retrieve ur files if the computer no longer works. I think he said that it has a second hard drive.
    Nope. You can do that with any OS WinXP/Vista/7, MacOS, Linux. Since the files are stored on the HDD - all you need to do is move the HDD and attach it any working computer and should be able to find your files.
    If the hard disk fails or the file system is thoroughly trashed you're probably out of luck even if the laptop is still working.

    Viruses and crashing is an OS (WinXP) thing - not a HP vs Toshiba thing. Hardware brand makes no difference but choice of OS makes a BIG difference. Win7 is just much better.

    Since all the laptops you list have Windows 7 you can't make a mistake getting the wrong OS.

    HP Pavilion DM1 won't be getting hot - it has a low power (cool) AMD E-350 APU. But it's wayyyy over priced IMO. They're going for $US 370 direct from HP
    Sony VAIO 11.6" AMD E-350 $CAD 479.99 is a better value, but still over priced.

    All of the laptops you listed will do all the movie/music/downloading type stuff very well.
    Doing that stuff all at the same time? The DM1 isn't as good at doing multi-tasking as the other 3.
  2. I would say your best all-around option is the $479 Toshiba Satellite L745D AMD A6-3400M from BestBuy
    or the $449 HP 14.5" G4-1164CA AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M Laptop
  3. Both my Toshiba and HP laptops have problems.

    The Toshiba Satelite M-115, has suddenly gone slow and lost my dvd writer software, and unable to download the firmware !

    My HP DM1 suddenly gone completely dead, no sign of life, despite a good power supply.
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