Old Chip Upgrade?

I've got an old machine with a 233mHz P1 MMX in it. I'd like to keep the machine active if only for storage purposes.

Is there any point to trying to upgrade the chip......and more importantly, which chips might replace the above w/o doing anything else. I.e., are there any 'plug and play' options open here?

Obviously wouldn't expect to get up into the 1.5gHz+ range, but might I go to say....500mHz?


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  1. you could run the AMD K6-2 or K6-3 processors. It all depends on the motherboard you have. Also depending on the motherboard ,you could run one of the Evergreen or powerleap "upgrade" cpus.

    Please post your motherboard brand and model. or your bios string at the bottom of the screen during boot-up. Then we can be more specific about your options for an upgrade.

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  2. BIOS string is as follows.....

    7/18/97 i430TX-2A59IS2EC-00

    If that ain't enough, I'll break it open and find the MoBo mfr/model.

    Thanks for the help!

  3. Didn't know a Intel mobo could run AMD CPUs? That would be a first. Unless there's some mobo that could run Intel and AMD chips. That would be nice, although not really, what's the word.... smart for either company or the mobo makers.
  4. All socket7/super socket7 boards will run Intel,Amd, Cirrus(sp?)etc cpu at that time.

    Ok I know it is a Soyo board. Is this a oem machine?

    Two possibilities if not. Go to <A HREF="http://www.wimsbios.com" target="_new">http://www.wimsbios.com</A> and click on the award bios link at the top of the page. Download the program CTBIOSv1.5 and run it. It may or may not be able to tell you exactly which motherboard you have. If not you will have to open her up and take a look. The "EC" part of the bios does not correspond to any of the bios info i have so it may be an oem board built by Soyo.

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  5. It is a Soyo board. OEM from a local builder (not a Dell or Gateway by any stretch, but fairly popular in this area). This is the data CTBIOS reveals....

    Board/Bios - Version = R540-01

    It's also an 'Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG' if that makes a diff.

    Thanks again,

  6. After doing a little more research (and breaking the case off the machine), I'm more confused than ever.<g>

    The only name I can spot physically on the mobo is MTI (displayed as 'Trade Name') with a model # of R540.

    Utilizing another BIOS ID utility it would seem 'R540-01' mentioned in the previous message is the 'OEM Signon'....at least according to this utility.

    Confused because after wandering around motherboards.org (and a couple others), I was able to see how I presume you identified the board as a Soyo....by the 'S2' portion of the BIOS string. Everything else seems to indicate MTI. I guess the most likely explanation is that Soyo manufactured the board for MTI and the latter just stamped their name on it.(?)

  7. I have seen adapters out there for running a K6-2 on a old pentium board. If I can find the link to the site I saw them on, I will list it.

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  8. Never recommend those adapters, they are NEVER needed for a dual voltage board!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. I think you might have the Soyo 5BT5. That board supports 2.2v core voltage and 5.5x multipliers with 75MHz bus.
    Anyway, most dual voltage boards support the K6-2. You should have no problems running one at 6x75MHz=450MHz. the 6x setting is a trick AMD used on their K6-2's for upgrades, using the 2x multiplier on any board, the conversion to 6x is done by the CPU.
    Most K6-2's run at 2.2v. Any will also run at 2.8v if needed, and I have done this many times. Using that higher voltage requires good cooling, but even the cheapest Athlon/Duron coolers are sufficient. And yes, Socket 462 and Socket 370 coolers both fit Socket 7.
    The TX also supports modern memory modules up to 256MB.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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