1 TB Hdd.Partition for Win 7 Ult, FSX flying simulator and some clerical work. would welcome some guide.
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  1. Your question is a bit hard to understand but if i understand correct you need to do the following
    create 3 partitions on the drive (do this before installing the OS via the setup screen)
    1. OS drive - depends on what you will run the OS will be +- 30Gb with all drivers installed, but to be safe make this bigger 100-150GB
    2. the FSX depending on the game size not sure but to be sure make it bigger, game should be +- 10Gb so rather make it 50GB for save files / expansions
    3. the remaining u make the rest of the drive for you work

    Let me know if i understood wrong then i will assist again
  2. Good evening,
    Thank you for a very accurate estimate of the Information I needed
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