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I got an acer travelmate 7530 since 2 years and it has a strange sound . This sound is always on and it gets a little volume boost when :
- i scroll an internet/document page ;
- when i move my mouse over desktop or any icon;
-when i open a document with many pictures in it ;
Generally the sound gets this volume boost whener i put my mouse over some text/picture/any little animation
I also noticed that when i change screen resolution the sound has other tonality.This sound i can hear it only when i boot my OS (windows) , i cant hear it before that (bios mode).
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  1. most likely a fan over CPU/GPU
  2. It sounds like you are getting "crosstalk" between your video signal and your audio signal.

    Am I right in assuming that the sound is kind of a "high pitched" and instantly gets louder when you do those things you mentioned, and quiets down when you stop?

    Try pluggin in speakers or headphones into your port to disable your onboard speakers, see if the sound is still there. Try updating your drivers for both video card and sound card.
  3. It's noise being generated by the DC-DC converter on the motherboard. The sound isn't coming out of the speakers. It's being generated by the chokes in the converter. Before the OS boots, you don't hear it, because speedstep and other power management features aren't enabled, so the processor is running at 100%. After the OS boots, power consumption is dynamically reduced based on processor load. So when documents are scrolled, apps opened, etc, the load increases temporarily, and that change causes chokes / inductors in DC-DC converters to squeal. It's sometimes present on desktops too. Nothing you can do to get rid of it. Just live with it.
  4. Would disabling speedstepping in the BIOS (i dunno if there is that option) solve the problem?
  5. Not necessarily, because GPU current consumption dynamically changes based on load. Moving windows around & scrolling causes the GPU's workload to change also, which would cause the same choke squeal you're getting already. And it's not a good idea to disable power management on laptops anyhow, due to heat and battery life issues it would cause.
  6. is that an integral ODM fault on motherboard or faulty dc-dc converter that might be fixed by replacing the mobo?
  7. Yeah its high-pitched,its not the sound card afaik i tried disabling sound card and plugging headphones nothing changes and unfortunately i dont have this "speedstepping" option in my bios.Changing mobo is way too costy.Thank you for answers, at least i know now with what im dealing with :)
  8. It's sometimes an indicator of impending failure of a power supply / DC-DC converter. Caps going out of tolerance will cause the DC-DC to have to work harder to maintain voltage. Other times, it was just a cheap computer, and they ran fine with no problems from that day on. If i were you, i'd just live with it.
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