Laptop graphics card temperature

Asked in the overclocking section but got no replies... I've got my new laptop with a HD5650 GPU, I intended to clock it higher as the default clocks are really low at 450/800, it is the same card as a HD5730 which is set at 650/800.

I just played Titan quest for a while at 600/850, temperatures were in the 75-80C region without going over that. Is this too hot for a laptop?
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  1. yes it's too hot. since you cannot install custom cooling in a laptop you typically do not overclock laptops...
  2. Agreed. That is an awful lot heat being put into a very small and confined area with limited ventilation and heat sensitive components. You may be able to do it... but you won't be able to do it for long.
  3. I'll see what the temps are for the core speed, if the change is dramatic I'll just leave it at 550/800. That's the highest factory clocks on the market, so at least I won't be getting lower performance due to the factory underclock.
  4. alternatively you could sit your laptop in the middle of a box freezer on a slab of dry ice and overclock all day :D
  5. I can't remember a single story of someone with a gaming laptop who didn't overheat it by the end of the first year of use. I always insist on getting an extended warranty, because it is ALWAYS used. Overclock it at your own risk, but be prepared to be very...very disappointed.
  6. Okay I'll leave the clocks at 550/800 for gaming, better performance than the Geforce 525M without the potential of frying my new laptop. Thanks for the advice guys.
  7. Don't forget to check the temp of the CPU as well. My 14" Lenovo Y470 with a Core i5-2410M goes up to 93C when I was testing Crysis.; the GT 550M would go up to 75C. Playing a less stressful game like Fallout 3 resulted in 81C for the CPU and 64C for the GPU.

    Apparently 90C+ seems to be the norm for 14" gaming laptops. Places like and do not seems overly concerned about the temps since the laptops are still running stable. However, I think anything above 80C for the CPU and 70C for the GPU are too high so it's a good idea to buy a laptop cooler for a gaming laptop.
  8. Now you know why there will always be desktop computers.
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Laptops Graphics Cards Temperature