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I am STUCK. HP Pavilion 6735... No sound, the system read out indicates that there is no sound card on board.

System has a phoenix bios... integrated sound on mother board[no card] I tried removing sound functions under device manager, it rebooted and reloaded, still says no sound device. Error message reads to go to Add Hardware and install doesn't identify any uninstalled devices....

Any idea's would be appreciated....

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  1. Is the onboard sound enabled in the CMOS setup?

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  2. If the sound is enabled in BIOS but still doesn't show up in ME, you need to reinstall the drivers for it. Now, integrated devices don't always show up if you don't have all the drivers loaded. BTW, what OS did this thing come with?

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  3. Yes sound is enabled in bios....i reloaded the drivers...then downloaded new ones just to be sure... keep getting an error message that there is no sound device...go to add hardware...i do, yet nothing comes up on system scan when searching for a device to be loaded.
    i even disabled and enabled in bios...just to see if the system would reload it on appeared to ...yet there is still no sound device loaded...

    aww well if worse comes to worse...i can always use the disk recovery...of course i'll be reloading programs forever...

    thank you
  4. I've always found winme to be a pain in the neck when it decides to load a driver a certain way so that the device doesn't work! Win98se is a much more flexable and reliable OS. Try going into device manager by clicking on the "my computer" icon on desktop with they right mouse button and selecting properties go into devices look for your sound card then delete it. After doing this then try running hardware wizard again.
    If this doesn't work it may be better to reformat your hard-drive and start again from scratch. If you have a restore disc (I believe most big brand name PC's provide one)even better either way it may be an idea to disable the sound card in bios before commencing reinstalling then enabling it after installation is complete. This way you are less likely to run into IRQ conflicts.
  5. Or, get a cheap sound card and put in.

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