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I have two issues the first being, that I have an IBM Thinkpad T22 and have installed a brand new western digital wd1600beve hard drive which is a 160 gb drive.

Whenever I try to power up the computer the hard drive light on the keyboard lights up for a fraction of a second and nothing happens.

I have unplugged the computer, removed the battery, let it sit over night and then next day held down the power button for over 30 seconds to clear the bios settings. I can then usually power up the device to bios, however, when I try to change the boot device sequence settings to enable the cd as the first device I cant get the computer to save the settings. I dont get any type of error message, but the settings are not saved. I have updated the bios to the latest version but still to no avail.

So any suggestions? The hard drive works fine on a dell laptop that I have but not in the IBM Thinkpad.
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  1. if you drained your BIOS battery and haven't replaced it don't be surprised the settings aren't saving...
  2. Hello and thanks for the reply! I understand that draining the battery cleared the bios settings but that was what I intended to do. If I don't clear the bios, the computer will just flash the hard drive light once and then freeze up. Only after the bios has been cleared will the laptop boot to bios. After I cleared the bios and changed the boot settings to boot from the cd first and not the hard drive I saved the bios settings and then restart the machine. After the machine reboots, my intent was to install windows xp onto the the hard drive from the cd but the bios will not save the boot device order settings. It did save the settings once and I began the installation of windows xp and while formatting the hard disk the system crashed without even giving me an error message. I put the hard drive into a Dell laptop that I have and reformatted the drive. Keep in mind that the hard drive is new and works find in the dell laptop but I am not able to use it in the IBM thinkpad and I am unable to understand why it won't work.

    Any help you can extend to me is greatly appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to respond!

  3. The BIOS draws power from the CMOS battery. If you never replaced that battery inside the laptop, then chances are it is dead. Any changes you make in the BIOS will not be saved because the BIOS requires power from the CMOS battery to maintain the settings in it's memory.

    Link to CMOS battery:
  4. Thanks Jag for the reply! I will order one today! Now for the second issue: Why won't the HDD work with the T22 Thinkpad? This is a brand new western digital wd1600beve hard drive which is a 160 gb drive. This one really blows my mind! I thought that any IDE hard drive would work with the T22! The drive is new and works fine in my Dell lattitude.
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