Seem to have buggered my downloads with SSD tweaks


Come across a really annoying issue and searching has so far provided no help (including here on Tom's Hardware...)

A few weeks ago I bought a Crucial M4 256 and set about finding out what the best optimisation tips were.

This is where the problems begin, one of the suggestions I came across was changing User and Environment Variables,
supposedly setting the path to other drives (i.e. not C) would reduce read/write and prolong the SSD lifespan etc.

I tried this and immediately disabled downloads on all my browsers, could load pages but that was all. Somehow I managed to revert to the original paths and all seemed well, until now.

It seems that every download seems to get stuck at 31.9 mb (tested on Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox). After that, the download speed just trickle down and everything internet related slows to a crawl.

I'm unsure what information to provide to shed light on this issue, but will provide any requested to sort this out.

Help me Tom's Hardware forum wizards you're my only hope... :sweat:
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  1. anyone? Please?
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