Bad cpus..

How can you tell if a CPU is burned out? Any markings or what not?
I haven't OC'ed it. Just installed it in the mobo, and hit power. No post.
AMD XP 1900+ cpu
GB-7VTXH+ mobo
350w psu
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  1. It could be other things than just the CPU. Did your fans power up? You said no post, but was there any activity before that?
  2. check that all the conections are plugged in... and plugged in the right way!
    do u get any lights on the motherboard?

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  3. Yeah, I get lights on the mobo, the fan on my GeForce 3 spin.
  4. have u something on your screen, a blink cursor or whatsoever?

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  5. you can try reseating your CPU and RAM.
    did u install the CPU yourself?
    what cooler are you using?
    does the CPU fan spin?

    and for diagnostic purposes only have the minimum number of things plugged into the mobo.
    graphics, ram, cpu, and 1 drive.

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  6. Yes, I installed the spu myself. I have a coolermaster fan for my cpu. I've tried two different motherboards, and two PSUs.
  7. hmmm well then it must be your cpu or possibly the ram.

    hae a look at the cpu core.
    does it have nice clean edges?
    no chipped sides or corners?
    no scorch marks?
    clean bridges not covered in gunk or crap?
    all the pins underneath straight?

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  8. Have ya tried a different video card? And yeah, reseat the RAM. some boards require a fair amount of force to seat the ram all the way.
    If you got jumpers, check them. Some boards come with the wrong settings. Ie.. it may be jumpered for 100mhz fsb, and your looking for 133.

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