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Hope this isn't beneath notice, but I have a PII 266 I'm trying to overclock. After reading the manual and comparing it with the jumper settings on the Compaq mobo, I've been able to reduce the speed (as measured by SandraPro) from 266 to 134 and the FSB speed from 67 to 27. What gives? 266CPU/67FSB is the fastest I get.
I've read something about taping pins on the CPU - should I be doing this. I'm not going to proceed further with this until I have a better sense of what I'm actually doing to/for my system.

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  1. i had the same thing happen on my pII - 300
    increasing the multiplier would make it do wierd things, resulting in mega slow speeds.

    i bet your using an LX motherboard, limited to 66mhz system bus speed.
    thus with locked multipliers and a maxxed bus speed 266 is the fastest you will go, unless you replace the board with a BX, but given the age of the system thats not really worth it.

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  2. On my old Gateway 233 system I am able to set the multiplier up to 4.5 for a 300 Mhz PII from the factory setting of 3.5 for a 233. I had to download the newest Bios version from the Gateway site before it would work though. If I try to use a multiplier higher than this it will cut back to 133Mhz.
    Using a utility called Soft FSB I am able to run this old system at 73.2 Mhz bus speed. 329Mhz from a 233 with a passive factory heatsink and only 1 case exhaust fan. If you are using a 440LX board search the web for a site called "Bill's AL440LX Installation Guide" lot's of helpful info there. You can also get the latest greatest chipset drivers from Intel's site.
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