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Hello All,

I have an Aspire 5734Z Notebook. My girlfriend spilled coffee all over the machine (it turned off instantly). I took the machine apart, cleaned each piece, and reassembled. Everything works fine except for the keyboard.

The bottom row of keys (z,x,c,v,b) have no problem. "Q" however, produces "qzs", "W" somehow makes "CTRL+F W) and, my favorite, "E" makes a date and time stamp.

I am only able to log on to my machine (running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1) by using the on-screen keyboard. Any idea as to what the issue at hand is? A visual inspection of the "ribbon" for the keyboard doesn't show any damage (both sides look the same), and the port locks the ribbon without a problem.

Any input much appreciated!


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    I suspect the liquid seep through between the contacts. You can lift the kb alright so you should have no trouble changing it. Find a new kb and replace it, they are not expensive $20-30.
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  3. Worked perfectly (using the new keyboard to type now). Thank you kindly!
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