MSI GT683R-242US Intel Core i7 2630QM Newegg OpenBox advice!

I saw an open box for the MSI GT683R-242US Intel Core i7 2630QM on NewEgg and jumped on it.

Now, I'd accidentally hit the wrong card to pay with, got the insufficient funds message, and now I've got 5 days to decide whether the laptop is worth it. (An accident, but a nifty trick for products that end soon)

My questions are this:

1) As a gaming laptop, would this be suitable? I really would like to play Deus Ex, Witcher 2, etc. Fairly graphically intensive games. The OpenBox deal is the 1,500 computer for 1,100 dollars. Would I be better off spending a grand elsewhere?

2) How reliable is NewEgg Open Box? I've searched around on the forums here and haven't really seen anything bad, but I'd hate to get the laptop, and it not have an AC cord or something....

Thanks for your help. I'm really on the fence on how much I want this, and how much I want to eat!! ;)
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  1. The laptop itself is a decent model. MSI GT683R-242US reviews
    No way of telling why it was sent back. Sticker shock? LCD with stuck pixels?

    By now you've probably read the NewEgg open box and return policies?

    For just under $1100 you could get a new custom gaming laptop like the Sager NP8130
    Core i5-2410M CPU (2630 quad is $80 upgrade), 8GB RAM, 500GB 7200rpm HDD, and 15.6" 1920x1080 (95% color gamut) w/ GeForce GTX 560M.
  2. Thanks! That was quick and helpful!

    I am reluctant to buy from Sagar, but only mostly because I haven't heard of them until now, but the reviews are good, and I'll have to spend some time going through their options in the next several days. The one thing not mentioned on their reviews though is speaker quality. Have you used them? Are the speakers decent? That's one thing that really got me excited about the MSI was the repeated mention of sound quality...

    Yes, I did read the open box return policy. ;) I don't like how vague it is. Essentially there is the 30 day refund if it doesn't function, but what does that entail? Some people would consider a certain amount of stuck pixels as not being functional. Could it be returned for that?

    Also- Thanks for the awesome website link! I am definitely going to be clicking through NoteBookCheck for a while!! ;)
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    Ask the other Sager NP8130 owners. You can also ask the guys @ XoticPC about the differences between the Sager NP8130 and MSI GT683R - they handle both. Tell them you saw those reviews.
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  5. Thank you again for your quick responses.
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