Laptop Screen is very dim, but visible

I am helping a friend fix his laptop that has a screen that is very dim but i can still see some images. The laptop model is a Dell Inspiron 6000.
The things that I have tried:
-Use another screen that works
-Use another inverter that work
There are two things that I feel may be wrong which is the cable that connects the motherboard to the screen or the LCD switch is stuck causing the screen to go very dim, but i wanted to check the switch before i replaced the cable and I was wondering if anyone knew where it was.
Also if anyone has any other advice besides the ones i did then feel free to suggest them
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  1. Hello Dwizzle59;

    Did you change out the backlight? The FL inverter provides the power for the CCFL backlight.
  2. Isn't the backlight part of the screen? and If so wouldn't changing the screen with a new one fix the problem?
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