Help, my acer netbook was accidentaly formated

the hdd lock enables evry bad boot. i remove the hd an it resets, it tries to start gets to the starting windows ticker, eror bla,bla canot start, will continue after you restart wind... when alt F10 reads:path:\windows\system32\winload.exe
hard disk: 9c6ccdeb

what do i do now if there is anything i can do??? help it's my little boys and i cant afford a new one
(p.s.) i have product key but no cd rom nor boot disk
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  1. I have an Acer netbook myself so I'm hoping Acer will give or sell you a recovery disk.
  2. What is the model of your netbook?

    Most Acers have a hidden recovery partition that allows you to re-install Windows without a recovery CD/DVD. To access this you have to press the ALT + F10 keys together immediately after powering the machine on. It's easiest to hold down ALT while tapping F10 repeatedly as it starts up.

    Alternatively you can contact Acer and see if they will send a recovery disk. Most companies will charge £20-30 for one though.

    Another way that involves a little more work is to use a plain Windows CD. If it's Windows 7 you can still download all editions from DigitalRiver (an official Microsoft Partner). Of course you still need to activate with your product key. This site has links to all the versions -

    Use the Microsoft tool for burning the iso file to a DVD -
    You can now boot from this CD and install Windows.

    The problem with using a plain Windows CD is that it comes with no drivers. You can download all the drivers from Acers website but quite often your network connections won't work until doing this... so you can't get to the website in the first place! Just have to download them from another machine and transfer with USB stick or CD etc.

    It also means any paid software that came bundled with the machine gets lost. Normally things like Microsoft Office, Cyberlink YouCam, McAfee/Norton, Roxio etc.

    Good luck I hope you get this going again :)
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