Toshiba U400 Error: 0x00008086

My Toshiba Satellite U400 (Vista) ing Windows. Gives above error with blue screen. Starting in Safe mode also gives same error. I need help please!
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  1. Hello Ade1;

    You can do some testing to see if it's a Windows type problem or a hardware problem in the laptop's parts.
    A fairly easy way to do that is to boot up the laptop with an operating system other than Windows. This could also give you a chance to rescue any important personal data or files that might not yet be backed up.

    Ubuntu Desktop It's not Windows - it's Linux. But it's kinda the same stuff.

    It will run off the bootable CD you can create.
    Step 3) Try it! You can try out Ubuntu before you install it. When your CD or USB stick is ready, you can run Ubuntu directly from your CD or USB without affecting your current system.
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