I tihnk i got a virus!!!

Holy Cow my system has been acting all screwy on mee, whej i went for a power down it game me some sort of blue screen of death error. Then after i hit esc, my screen was full od dots. I could only it the reset button after that! PLEASE HELP ME. I don't want to fry this system. NMot only that i have been getting diferent errors every time. Some times files seem like there missing but they are right infront of me. I dunno whats going on. I am on the verg of reformating my computers HDD. I am new at that too so i don't want to if i don't have to.
thx ppl!

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  1. hey, tell me its a j/k isnt it? ll

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  2. probably a virus...unless you have overclocked anything.
    run scandisk, and go to <A HREF="http://housecall.antivirus.com/" target="_new">http://housecall.antivirus.com/</A> and run the scan on your computer....see if it finds any viruses. if it does, see if it can fix it. if it cant, then try to delete the files, (unless they are part of windows or something)
    also, have you changed anything recently?????
    because change it back if you did...and see if it goes away.


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  3. Same thing just happened to me. My computer didn't shut down properly and then those dots appeared all over my screen. Don't know if it's a virus though because I know I haven't downloaded anything recently and I don't overclock.

    Anyone know what might cause this? I use Windows ME, could that be the problem?
  4. I always recommend to everyone to have a virus scan software installed, or use the housecall.antivirus.com if you don't or it isn't updated.

    The best way to run scans or try to fix things is in safe mode, because that is the least likely to start up the virus.

    Go into safe mode, Start->Run->msconfig
    Startup tab and remove almost everything (look for anything that seems strange) and then boot back into normal mode and run housecall if you weren't able to before.
  5. you best go see a doctor ASAP!

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