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Forgot my user password

I have a bit of a problem here, i set a password on my adminstrative account on windows 7 login but i have sadly forgotten the password to enter and i really need to log in to my account.
I have tried the passwords that i think it is the password but everything is wrong, so i really wonder if there is a way to reset the password so i can log back in to the user, but i have no guest user too so there is only this adminstrative user on the screen and no other.
I have noticed the "reset password" under the typing box but i need some kind of "password recovering disc" but i don't have that either.
Im on a windows 7 home premium, any worthful answer will be appreciated.
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  1. Note: when i try to enter windows in safe mode with commandprompt i still have to type in my user password! Please help me!
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    As we have no way to verify you are the rightful owner of the system, we can't help you. To do so would violate forum rules. Sorry.
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