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Bypassing Win ME Password

Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
February 22, 2003 2:03:50 AM

Hi everyone,

My friend recently got hacked (at least that is what we believe) and he cannot log in to Windows ME with his own password anymore. He doesn't want to format and just wants to log in. Does anyone know how he can do just that?


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February 22, 2003 6:56:58 PM

if i remember correctly, me login is just like 95/98. just press cancel and your in. if that doesnt work just log on with a different username. just make one up, it doesnt have to be one that already exists. it will create the pwl file. and yes, you got hacked, by microsoft. its a trojan horse they released to the world that makes your system unstable and screw up alot. i believe its called windows me.[-peep-].

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February 25, 2003 12:32:51 AM

You have to be careful though I don't think those methods give you full administrative rights. Access to certain folders and abilities to manipulate certain system settings and files may be compromised! It may be wiser to reformat your hardisk and start again from scratch plus that way if there is a Trojan you'll get rid of it as well.
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February 25, 2003 12:42:08 AM

administrative rights huh, this is win me were talking about, no ntfs security, no admin, power user or user. no security.

my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
February 25, 2003 11:42:49 PM

I've not had much to do with Winme myself as I found it to unstable but I know from experience that Win98se will deny you certain rights (not to the extent that Win2000 and XP do though.) I'm assuming that Winme would be similar to 98.
February 27, 2003 3:02:52 AM

have you tried to go to HELP, then "LOST PASSWORDS"
It could help a lot! Losing your data and all other files could be awful!
February 27, 2003 10:52:01 AM

can you expand on this? I've never seen any sort of "rights" associated with 9X

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February 27, 2003 8:09:24 PM

One person's computer I was fixing had a copy of win98se which had a password that had been lost. There were many things I tried to do where a window would pop up saying something to the effect "you do not have rights to perform this task". One of these for instance was setting the explorers view options so that it would show system and hidden files.
February 28, 2003 8:03:04 PM

hmmmm... I've never seen that sort of thing. The way you describe it sounds more like NT/2K/XP than 9X. Oh well....

<i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
March 7, 2003 2:30:01 PM

If I remember rightly, if you can boot up in DOS, then delete the relevant *.pwl file, you should be able to enter any password for that user.