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Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is the correct place for this question, but, I'm fast running out of options so I figured it was worth a shot. Anyway, here is the scenario. The other night, after I had shut my computer down (AMD Athlon 1.2GHz, ECS K7VZA mobo, 512 RAM), about ten minutes passed and then a couple things happened at once: there was a loud "pop" noise, a bright light flashed behind my computer, the lights dimmed, and the room was filled with a burning smell.

As far as I can tell, the power supply must have upped and died. I have a new one on the way, but, in the meantime I decided to transplant the power supply from my old Dell into the newer computer. I did this, and after I get everything all nice and plugged in and hit the power button, nothing happens.

So, my question is, does the Dell's power supply not work because it's about five years old and can't put out enough juice to run this newer computer, or did the discharge from the b0rked power supply damage other stuff in the computer? Thanks much!!
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  1. your comp was switch off when you have had this flash & it appeared 10 minutes after?
    maybe it is your power cable which has a short-cut?

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  2. sounds more like a short in the power cable or the surge protector, but it probly killed the power supply at the same time. and the dell ps is deffinately not powerfull enough to power newer systems.

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  3. OH [-peep-]!

    <font color=red>DO NOT USE A DELL PSU IN YOUR STANDARD COMPUTER!</font color=red>

    while dell motherboards and powersupplies LOOK like ATX standard, the <font color=purple>ARE NOT!</font color=purple>
    dell uses specially modified atx connectors, meaning that to upgrade or replace your dell components, u guessed it, you HAVE to use more dell components.

    should u use standard components with dell ones, or vice versa, you can completely FRY motherboards.
    you have been warned.
    hopefully yours isnt fried by trying that dell PSU.

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  4. Yikes, let's hope I was somehow spared that fate. I guess I should ask before doing next time... Anyway, thanks to slow on-line merchants and ground shipping, I'll have the new PSU next Monday. Guess we'll see how things are then. And I was hoping to play some Morrowind this weekend...

    Thanks for the responses, though, I appreciate it!!
  5. yeah...
    best case scenario is that it wornt work with that dell unit. worst case is that u have toased your motherboard.

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  6. Dell power supplies are wired differently like everyone says, BUT I don't think they will fry your motherboard BECAUSE I DOUBT that they will even TURN ON!

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  7. ive seen some very bitter people with fried mobo's.

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  8. Well, some of them deserve it. At one time used Dells fetched me a $50 premium over other systems. There was a sale here where they cost only $3 each without drives/memory/CPU. So this guy took one I was trying to get to (he got there before me). I offered him $20, he refused. I ask him if he had the parts for it, he said "no, I'm getting it because I need an ATX power supply". I told him "it's not ATX", he opened it and said "yes it is". I told him "it's wired differently, I build these things" He told me I was lying to scam it out of him. I hope he burned up a REALLY EXPENSIVE BOARD with it!

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  9. "Dude he got his Dell". Good for him.

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  10. Dell PSU doesn't say anything about this? I mean, there should be some label just saying it is not a stardart PSU. Saying nothing is like don't tell you the whole truth, or "I put this trap so you will be catch, he, he".

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