Samsung NP-R522 screen replacement?


I'm going to have the broken screen on my Samsung laptop replaced. My problem, i have found many replacement screens on ebay etc.. But they don't specify what model of R522, they just say R522 in general, as each one apparently may have different pin screen pin count?

My model is the NP-R522-FA02CA

If any knows the connecter pin count for this model's screen it would be a big help!

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  1. The safest bet is to remove the old screen and check the part number straight from the back of it. Any e-Bay seller who doesn't provide the part number isn't worth buying from in my opinion and experience.

    You'll also gain from seeing where the "Do Not Touch" areas are on the old screen before you start handling the new one - even getting them out of the packaging can damage them if you don't know which areas to avoid.

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