Most Natural Disaster Deaths Time period

I'm starting to wonder if the past few years are maybe setting some kind of natural disaster death toll record. It seems like everyday you hear of some kind of horrific death toll from some kind of natural disaster in the far east. Today i saw there was some kind of landslide that killed a bunch of people. Am i the only one thinking nature is cleaning house alittle bit? It seems the world is getting too over populated.
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  1. It was worse, Through DNA research the human race was cut down to only 2000 people about 150,000 years ago due to temperture changes. We are probably comming out of a very calm time, but it can of course always get worse. Who really knows.
  2. Also understand a few things.
    Older cultures didnt have communication with other cultures, so no one knew if they were destroyed, and also, todays populations and information is much higher and quicker than at any other time.
    But there has been a few thrown together as of late
  3. its because of mass media. 150 years ago, a landslide that happened in some African rain forest never gets reported as far as north America. because of the internet and social networking, we get EVERY little thing that happens on earth instantly. imagine if the Charnoble Nuclear meltdown happened in 2009 instead of the 1980's. you would of heard about it preddy fast apposed to the years it took for the papers to become declassified.
  4. Maybe it's a preview of 2012 :o

    Anyway, saw a story in todays news about a family that got struck twice by earthquakes: Fleeing Haiti, family gets hit by Chile quake

    Now that's bad luck indeed...
  5. Kinda like that people who survived both the WWII nuclear attacks.
  6. Meant people, not guy in post above.
  7. strangestranger said:
    Meant people, not guy in post above.

    Glad to hear that, since I wasn't alive back during WW2 :D.

    Now what would have been really unlucky is if that family decided to vacation in Taiwan this week: Strong earthquake in Taiwan prompts panic
  8. Interesting how all these earthquakes have occurred, now that the LHC is up & running again :D. Who wants to bet that mini (or many) black holes are munching their way to the earth's core??
  9. Do you custom make those tin foil hats or do you buy them in bulk :lol:
  10. Of course, next you'll say that high-energy cosmic rays impact the earth's atmosphere at far greater energies than those generated by the LHC, but remember the LHC has luminosity values orders of magnitude greater. But then you'll counter with the fact that cosmic rays have smacked into the atmosphere for some billions of years, so net flux is greater. To which I'll respond, yeah but cosmic rays originated typically millions of years ago so any strange quarks within them have had time to transmute into more typical up/down, charmed, etc quarks...

    Actually I think Stephen Hawking's equations are correct, and nano-scopic black holes would evaporate into Hawking radiation in femtoseconds, long before they could ingest even a proton.. But it's always fun to drag the LHC monster into any tech discussion :D....
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