Purchasing small amounts of liquid nitrogen

where can I buy a very small amount of liquid nitrogen to get rid of a corn on my toe. LIQUID NITROGER DISTROYED THE CORN TEN YEARS AGO BUT IT CAME BACK.
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  1. You One of those Liquid Tessellation terminators! Or you going to Liquid cool your PC! or Fuse Adamantium like Wolverine or Join the Nemesis Program in Resident Evil?
  2. Sure, it STARTS with just little. "Just this once," you say to yourself, "just until this horrible growth on my toe is gone."

    You score a little, maybe from a friend, maybe you go to the rough side of town, but somehow, you get it.

    That cool jet of intoxicating liquid pours over your skin, and you're HOOKED!

    Just a little more you say, just one more time. Then you start selling pc parts, first its a stick of memory, you can do just fine with 2 gigs you say, I'll be alright. But it is never enough. Never.
  3. Buy one of those off the shelf wart busting products that contain liq. nitro.
  4. Dr Scholls (sp?)
  5. honestly dont use liquid nitrogen, thats should be left to health care professionals and scientists, theres simpler and less deadly ways of eliminating such problems
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