winmodem, hardware modem, soft modem, info please.

I have these 2 sys and one modem. I need a second one. U can help out!
- socket 7 p-133, 64 meg Win98SE
- socket 5 k6-2 400(PowerLeap), 64 meg also Win98SE
- one US Robotics winmodem 56k
Both will be dial up connections.
I need a second modem, of course.
What should i get and in what sys should it go?

Are we really ready for "contact" ?
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  1. Forgot to ask, would a 33.6kb hardware modem be as good as a 56kb winmodem and is this very dependant on cpu power? Any older isa 33.6kb modem or some specific ones?

    Are we really ready for "contact" ?
  2. Put your winmodem on your faster computer and try to find an isa modem for your slower computer (i'm sure your 133 has isa slots).

    <i>DMA - Doesn't Mean Anything :wink: </i>
  3. thanks

    Are we really ready for "contact" ?
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