n00bie question bout watercooling


just wondering if i get a basic watercooling kit will it be way better than my copper heatsink? i mainly wanna do it cause of the noise this damn 7000rpm fan makes...so yeah is watercooling quiet?

o yeah specs are axp 2000 8k3a ermm cheap old case and psu
thnx for any help ;D
ps im in aus and if anyone knows where the best place to get the kits from thatd be cool
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  1. Why not just get a alphapal8045 and an 80mm sunon fan, whisper quiet, and ultra cool, and no water issues. Plus its cheaper.

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  2. Will it be better? The key to remember is you cant get your water below the ambient temperature of your house. So whatever the temp is in your house, thats what your water cooling will be too (and hence your CPU)
    With a good radiator and smart design you get about 3 degrees above ambient. With a Bong cooler (evaporative cooling tower) you get a couple of degrees below ambient.

    If you like active cooling, then you can try a peltier. The only problems with peltiers (or TECs) is condensation. They get cold to enough to form frost and/or condensation. This is easily solved in a number of ways (sealants, gaskets, conformal coating, epoxies... )
    I suggest you go to:

    www.overclockers.com and visit their forums. There, they have some FAQs about water cooling. Hope this helps

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  3. id get the alpha heatsink but i cant find it anywhere =/
    peltiers and conformal coating lol have absoulutley no idea about them...i better start reading up

    thnx for the replies
  4. Lubbock; er.. texas_techie;
    What you say is true...
    for a conventional "Air Cooled" radiator.
    Why not use a Peltier thermo-electric device instead?
    It will cool to about 30 - 40 degrees BELOW ambient temp. Silently! or very quitely.
    Pehaps use two water blocks, one on the CPU, one attached to the Peltier device.
    Has anyone tried this? This could be the "hot ticket".

  5. Spacey, many people have tried this. And im attempting to thtat right now. Im just waiting on parts. For someone new to alternative cooling its not a good idea to do TEC (pelteirs). They cool below freezing and hence condensation forms. Which you have to protect against. Second, you have to tweak the connections to a pelt cuz they get REALLY hot and can burn the wires up. You need a separate PSU to run the pelt, and for best results you need a 14 volt one. Most PSUs are 12 volt.
    Thats why i suggested to water cool only. You dont have to air cool the radiator. You lose a few degrees, but its real quiet.

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