Blinking power indicator compaq presario laptop

Laptop works with AC adoptor but power LED blinking. On removal of the Power Jack, the battery condition icon shows a cross mark over the fully discharged battery. After removal of and re-installation of battery, the power LED glows (with AC adoptor connected), but after few secs, starts blinking again.

Is it a symptom for bad battery / bad power circuits / Bad Days Ahead.
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  1. how old is your laptop?

    most batteries will last about 2 years
  2. It is probably because the circuit that disperses power to the battery for charging has gone bad. That is why it runs properly with AC power, but the battery is getting absolutely no charge. Even if the battery was no longer holding a charge, it shouldn't be fully discharged instantly after charging.

    or.... it could just be a bad battery.
  3. Thank you for your replies.

    My laptop is very old (7 years). I think the battery overlived its life.

    Thank you again.

    S. Srimany
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