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Hi I have a Sony Viao laptop and a Hanns.G monitor which I prefer to work from. It is connected via a 15 pin plug. It worked fine for several months with the laptop closed but suddenly the screen now goes blank when I close the laptop. What is happening and how do I rectify it please? Can you help?

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  1. you need to reset the setting to external screen only, it's probably running in parallel at the moment where it's trying to output to both laptop screen and external screen. In such case, if your laptop monitor is turned off the external will be turned off as well.

    A typical laptop has 3 external output modes:
    1. no external - laptop screen only
    2. parallel - laptop = external screen
    3. external only - laptop screen off

    you want to choose the 3rd option or 2nd option depending on how your laptop configured to work. Switching between the modes is usually some hotkey combination like Fn+F6/F8 or similar (refer to your user manual or icons on the keyboard)
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