I Have The Search Engine Redirect Virus

I have tried getting rid of this virus for the last 3 days and nothing has worked.....tried spywarehunter found a few threats got rid of em that didnt work, tried TdssKiller Found 0 Threats Reboot the PC did a seach and ip adress shows up and i det redirected to livesearchnow..............again..............any other way u can get rid of this
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  1. downloaded the malwarebytes program did a scan found just 7 threats did a reboot.........1st google search was fine but when i did another search it did a redirect again......
  2. Yeah the virus reinstalled itself. This is not uncommon. Your AV program didn't detect it properly. Try another AV, but sometimes it is easier to just reinstall windows. It's very difficult to be sure you ever get rid of a virus completely.
  3. try avg free or avg internet security (trial) then try superantispyware pro(trial) defenatly u r problem resolve. uninstall all av before install avg.
  4. Also depending on the redirect it might not actually be a virus. I had a similar problem from download.coms bloated downloads. It reset my default browser to Delta Search. If this is the case then there are some online resources to help you with this. I did not try them though because I installed windows 8 (do not judge me lol, its for a class on windows 8).

    A good rule of thumb about a computer issue is to trace it back to its first occurrence and to look where you my have picked it up. This can help a technician solve a problem or at the least research a solution. Just a handy tip for the future :hello:
  5. try different browser or change home page manually in browser.
  6. restore to earlier working date.
    i think this will help with your issue

    if this works you may have some other weird issues from corrupted files this should help with that only use once your virus is removed:
  8. I see situations like this all the time at work on customers computers. There's a couple of things you can do, some of them have already been mentioned like running Malwarebytes, and changing the page manually. IE just goto tools/internet options either type in your home page or if your on it select use current, Firefox (FF) go to options and do the same thing, you can also click the advanced tab in IE and then the Reset button at the bottom (put a check mark in the Delete personal settings if you want to clear those settings as well). Remove any search providers you don't need in IE (if you're using it) by clicking the Settings button under Search on the geneneral tab, for FF I believe it's under addons . Remove any toolbars in programs & features (add remove programs in Win XP). After running Malwarebytes goto start/control panel/system click system properties them System Protection tab click the configure button then the delete button to remove all restore points (virus's like to hide in those), Click apply then ok now create a new restore point with the Create button.

    Only delete the restore points as a last resort! If after doing these things you have 2 options. 1. Take your system to a computer shop and have them scan for and remove virus's. Or 2. Reinstall Windows, this last part sucks cause it can take a long time to get all your apps reinstalled.

    As nseamsns said it could possibly be a program you installed that changed your search provider and or home page. I would start by looking for any apps in programs and features first for anything you don't recognize.
  9. I'm not a computer technician, but I have become experienced with this virus so I feel your pain. I also know very few of these instructions help because this is not a typical virus and stays on your machine in a virtually invisible form. Malwarebytes won't find it, Hitman Pro advertises it will but the virus must have advanced since then, and in fact, as you've seen with TDSSKiller, or Avast or AVG or Spybot or etc.. etc.. they won't find it either. Avast had a program that cured my computer for a couple of weeks, but then it came back and the former cure no longer works. This evil little registry thing hides as a printer driver, or as an innocent svchost operation, or etc... It doesn't matter what browser you use, and it doesn't matter what search engine. It'll redirect once, then let you go where you want the next time. Annoying, but it tempts you to live with it. lol Every so often I have killed a couple of hours trying 3 or 4 or 5 different "tools" or "fixes". After a year and a half, hours of futility, and who knows how many fixes, all of which promise to work but never do. I wave the white flag. This one wins. Best bet is to wipe your hard drive clean, install a new version of Windows. My guess is if a tech guy is good enough to catch and clean this one, he's probably working for the NSA and not a computer shop. Oh, and he's probably reading this. Hello! Anyway, what I mean is, they would end up doing the same thing, wiping it clean and starting over.
  10. Hi,
    I personally have dealt with this redirect issue with Google searches twice this year. In both cases, full scans of Symantec Endpoint and Malwarebytes with the latest definitions on both did not find anything. The malware program that identified found it both times was Hitman Pro (a free download). Though Hitman Pro asked me to buy it before it would remove the entires, I took a screen shot of the results it and I removed the culprit files manually, also removing any and all related file names from the registry. There were only 3 files to remove and they were all .DLL files. One of the DLLs would not delete until I removed references of it from the registry and rebooted. Then I was able to delete it. Keep in mind that these infections change names all the time, but still end with .DLL
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