Plugged in, NOT Charging ?

My HP Laptop is like 7 days old. (HP ProBook 4520s)
It says "Plugged in, Not Charging, 97% remaining", and the charging status indicator LED stays off..
Searched for this keyword in google, and apparently it's a problem/ hardware fault.
But then if i run the computer on batteries till it says 40% remaining and then plug in the charger, the charging indicator LED turns on and it says "plugged in, charging".
Is this a feature to save the battery from overcharging? Or is this a hardware fault and I should get in touch with HP?
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    if your battery is at 97% and not charging I think you'll be fine. It might be a new cautionary measure that power management has undertaken to avoid recharging the battery when it's almost full, since repeatedly doing so shortens the life span of the said battery.

    I'm sure you can find a threshold at which the battery begins charging to be something like 60-80%. If it starts charging from there I'm sure it'll charge up to 100% unless you disconnect it from laptop or disconnect the dc.

    if the problem was that it wasn't charging at all, then you got a hardware fault.
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  3. thnx mate :-)
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