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hello, i want to build a computer for my cousin. this is what in thinking abouting getting. can someone give me some sugguestions or comments. He has a $800 limit. This is also my first time building a computer so any tips would be helpful.

-INTEL P4, 1.6 GHz, Socket 478, 512K, Northwood (you have to use the northwood with DDR memory correct?)
-ASUS P4S333 DDR-Ram w/ Audio
-256 MB DDR/266 MHz RAM
-16x Sony DVD ROM
-WD 40GB 7200RPM, ATA100
-64MB GeForce2 MX/400 w/TV out
-AOC 9eLR, 19", 0.26mm DP
-USR 56K Modem
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  1. I'd go with an Abit TH7II-RAID and Samsung PC800, otherwise it looks pretty good (you'll want to upgrade the video card first, when you get to that point).

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  2. You may want to think about an Athlon system as it seems he is on a budget, unless of course you are going to overclock. If he is then the 1.6a is prolly the best OCer. In any case if you go with the P4 get RDRAM as itll perform better, and will even overclock nicely if you get the Samsung RAM everyone uses to push those 1.6a's to well over 2 gig!

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  3. I agree, if you're going to overclock, get either an Abit TH7-II and Samsung PC800 or an Asus P4S533 and PC2700 or PC3200. Most forums agree that they provide equivalent performance and overclockability.

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  4. cool, thx for the advice, but can u recommend any websites on overclocking and how far you can go with each processor? Also, what is the best heatsink to use when overclocking?
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